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About 20 minutes into my phone conversation with Ean Martin, co-founder and CEO of Quantix Golf, it dawned on me how young he sounded. I had to ask.

“I’m 21. I’m graduating in May from Abilene Christian University.”

At 21 I was busy mastering the art of beer drinking and making an ass of myself.

“I like beer,” says Martin. “But I have a real passion for business.”

The Quantix story can be traced to an early 2000s’ ball company called Exacta and its ball designer, Larry Cadorniga.


“Larry developed the Tour Balata when he was at Titleist,” says Martin. “He also developed balls for Maxfli and MacGregor and designed the ball Jack Nicklaus used to win the Masters in ’86.”

Exacta went under and Martin’s father (a former touring pro) turned the remnants into Triton Golf.

“Every ball Larry developed for Triton was tested at Golf Labs in San Diego,” says Martin, “and they beat every single ball on the market for dispersion.” His father shut down Triton in 2005 to go back out on tour but it was Ean who decided to resurrect the company under a new name.

“There aren’t too many people who can come out of thin air with an award-winning ball scientist,” he says. “That’s where Quantix came from.”



There are, in theory, two balls in the Quantix offering, the F35 Control and the F18 Tour. We say in theory because while you can buy the F35 now, the F18 has been delayed until the third week of March.

“The F35 Control is our amateur ball,” says Martin. “It’s a three-piece ionomer-blend cover. What’s special about it is that it’s our proprietary blend. We call it our TriTech cover. It provides soft feel, a little bit softer than your standard ionomer blend.”

The F18 Tour is a three-piece urethane ball that Martin says is low spin off the driver with tour-level spin around the green.

“We want people to hit it and see their own results rather than make false claims that it’s going to help you with this, this and that,” Martin says. “People like to buy into the hype and, yes, that sells golf balls. But at the end of the day, I’d say 95 percent of the claims are just false.”The F38 sells for $29.99 per dozen with a Vice-like tiered-quantity discount. The F18 will sell for $34.99 with a similar discount structure. Shipping is extra. Sample sleeves are also available for purchase.

Martin won’t say where Quantix balls are being made (other than “near China”) but he does have one audacious goal: to manufacture in the U.S.

“It’s something we’d really like to do. With Larry’s experience in the golf ball industry, he has all the connections. We’re one phone call away from buying all the equipment we need to make golf balls but it comes down to money.”

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