F35 Control

Introducing the all new F35 Control.

Meet the new golf ball that will bring your golf game to a new level. 

Forget the days of sacrificing feel, accuracy, and control for a "distance ball". 

With the F35 Control, you will gain more distance, accuracy, and control than ever before with our custom blend core and mantle layer, paired with our proprietary Tritech® cover.

Our 3 Pc. Premium ball brings you the feel of a tour ball while helping to improve your game. 

Compression: 85-90 Range

Conforms to USGA and R&A standards and are legal for tournament play.

Player Benefits

- Low Driver Spin
- Soft Feel

- Piercing Flight Trajectory
- Optimized for Mid Swing Speed
- Tour Level Distance
- Maximized Control with Iron and Approach Shots

Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Stephen Blades
Love this ball

I really love the F35 a lot. At the first moment I hit it I could tell I was going like plating with it. Loved it off the tee and felt confident when I got close to the green. Had one of the best rounds I've had in several years. I can't contribute it all to the ball but I felt that the F35 was not going to let me down even if I slipped a little. It just felt really good!

Larry Rhodes
F35 ball review

Ball performed as advertised. Substantially straighter and longer.

Scott Tuttle
Hidden Gem

I have played two rounds with the F35 Control. This is the only ball I’ve ever used that excels in distance, accuracy, and feel. Amazingly long off the tee, straighter than I normally hit with other brands, and incredibly soft feel with the putter. After playing this game for decades, I’ve finally found the best ball on the market. Awesome!

Robb Shultz
Ball Performance

Great ball. I’m hitting my irons 7-10 yards further and my Driver 15-20 yards further.

Dennis Rioux

F35 Control

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