F35 Control (Gen 2)

F35 Control (Gen 2)

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Compression: 80-85 Range

Conforms to USGA and R&A standards and are legal for tournament play.

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Introducing The F35 Control
Explosive Distance, Unmatched Accuracy

Engineered for effortless distance off the tee, and pinpoint accuracy from the fairway.

Better golf begins with the best ball.


Tech Specs

Learn how our leading golf ball technology can improve your game.

f35 control
Features & Benefits

Tritech™ Cover Technology

Through our advanced material development, we developed our proprietary Tri-Poly Blend cover technology (Tritech™) giving players consistent and precise iron spin allowing for more accurate approaches from the fairway.

True Distance™

Utilizing our proprietary Tritech™ cover- Dramatically reduce driver sidespin & backspin to keep your tee shot straighter and longer.

Optimized Construction

New Hyper-Reactive Core provides increased driver ball speed while retaining feel and spin in all the places you need it, and reducing spin in the places you don't.

Why is the F35 Control for you?

The F35 Control is specifically designed for forgivness, distance, and accuracy. Built for mid speed swinging players who need spin control, stable flight, low long game spin, and tighter dispersion through the bag.

Golf Ball Performance Overview

Dial in your Flight, Feel, Height, and Spin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 116 reviews
Martin Hughes

Haven’t used golf balls yet

William Beasley
Decent ball

All in all, I am very happy with the F35 Control within about 175 yards, and especially from 125 yards into the green. Hit more GiR yesterday (12) than any other round in my life inside of 125 yards. The problem for me was off the tee. Even when it felt like a good tee shot, the ball would have great starting flight/trajectory and then just "stall" around 190 yards and drop to the fairway. Seriously.......I was hitting range balls during my warm up further/straighter than these balls. Finally forced to put the driver away and ended the round using my 3-wood off the tees.
Durability was excellent though and really enjoyed the short game, but would not call these "tee to green". Ahhh.......if only they would let you change balls in the middle of a hole..........tee off with one ball and close with another.........(sigh).


too expensive

Bruce Nierenberg

have not received the golf balls yet

Pearie Jones
Excellent Performance

All together from T to green - Great Performance!