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At Quantix Golf, we believe that you, the player, whether new to the game or a seasoned veteran, should have the ability to play to your greatest potential. Our approach to the way you buy golf balls, gloves, and accessories is simple. At Quantix Golf we believe in a Zero B.S. price policy. Don't be lured by a cheap advertised price only to discover you have to buy more balls than you want, to get that price. Get the unmatched performance and quality of a tour ball without the tour price tag. 


I was recently able to extensivly test the F35 Control golf ball both for technical results on Trackman and for feel on course. The results amazed me.  A high-quality ball- low spin rates on the driver, and the most control I've had on my irons, it is truly a real game changer. The F35 Control also provides the touch all players desire around the greens.

Steve Jurgensen; PGA Touring Professional

To me, having a ball I can still get distance off the tee, and at the same time on my approach shot, get the spin I need, that’s a ball I want to play.

Byron Capser; PGA Professional; Son of the Legendary Billy Casper