Fort Worth Has its First New Golf Ball Company Since Ben Hogan® in 1953

Quantix Golf™, a new Golf Ball Company arrived in Fort Worth, Texas recently, 67 Years after the Ben Hogan® Company was formed. In 1953, Ben Hogan started his and decades later, Ean Martin, a 21-year-old entrepreneur, and golf aficionado, has strategically positioned himself in the golf ball industry.


There are many golf companies vying for top tier spots and customers in the golf business. Many of these companies with untold millions of dollars backing them. Mr. Martin has teamed up with one of the top golf ball Engineers in the world to form Quantix Golf™. He didn’t recruit just any Ball engineer but a world-renowned designer with such number one, all-time best-selling creations including the Titleist® Tour Balata, The Maxfli® HT Tour, The Maxfli® DDH, and golf balls for Nike® Golf. He even designed the ball used by Jack Nicklaus to win the 1986 Masters® while at MacGregor® and created the patents to the TopGolf® tracking ball, which measures statistics of each shot struck at their facilities. 


Larry Cadorniga has worked with every major golf company and numerous former and top tier PGA Tour and other touring professionals, worldwide. Mr. Cadorniga worked with Ean’s father in 1998 on golf ball projects on the East Coast.  The Quantix Golf™ 3-piece premium golf ball is not only affordable but comes with an ultra-high-energy core™ and an HPF™ inner core for spin control along with a soft Tritech™ golf ball cover featuring 332 dimples for flight stability and reduced air resistance. 


Mr. Martin said, “Everyone says longer and straighter but all that really matters is score and getting it in the hole in the least number of shots. Whether amateur or professional, noticed in testing in Fort Worth where the winds blow hard, that our first ball, the Quantix Golf F35 Control™, possessed a piercing flight trajectory while maintaining superior flight stability in any conditions.” 


Quantix Golf™ determined that most people have trouble off the tee due to excessive spin. One of the key features of the Quantix F35 Control™ golf ball is the ability to reduce spin off the tee which promotes longer and straighter drives, but that’s only one-third of the equation. Based on proprietary engineering, the Quantix F35 Control™ golf ball provides tour-level distance while maximizing control with irons and approach shots. No longer will you be forced you to sacrifice distance, accuracy, or feel, unlike some other brands that force you to choose one feature over another. The Quantix F35 Control™  golf ball will help you make more putts and lower your scores- the ideal feel that every player seeks, deserves and should demand from tee to fairway. Notwithstanding, it also translates to the green as the ball comes off the putter very well and provides instant feedback.  Fewer putts mean lower scores!


Quantix Golf™ may be new, but it is well on its way to gaining critical acclaim, not only among touring professionals but more importantly, among consumers.  Quantix F35 Control™ Golf balls - Take Control of Your Game™


To order golf balls, please visit the website at or exclusively test the Quantix F35 Control™ golf balls at 1611 Indoor Golf Club in Fort Worth, Texas. 

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