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Variety Ball Pack

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Includes (2) Sleeves of F18 Tour, (2) Sleeves of F35 Control.

Not sure which ball you need? Order the variety ball pack and test both the F18 Tour and F35 Control to see which ball suits your game the best! 

Both the F18 Tour and F35 Control conform to USGA and R&A standards for legal tournament play.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
James Ricci
Good ball for the money

These balls are definitely worth the price. I am still not sure what works better for me of the two balls. I will keep you posted. It’s been so hot the last two weeks I have not gotten out much.

Thomas Ilharreguy
Quantix variety pack

Both F-35control and F-18 ball are very good. Could play either one, but more preference for the F-18!

Jay S

Great golf balls! Highly recommend!

Bill Conway
First time out

Played the F18 ball out of the variety pack yesterday. I was very impressed with this ball and how it performed. I was consistantly out driving my playing partners and the ball had great stopping ability on the greens. Hoping to play the other version next week and see how that one compares.

David Kubly
Glad I tried it

I didn’t think my swing speed would deliver the benefits that the F18 provides, but since I was going to three dozen balls I thought I’d try the a dozen of the mixed. I’m glad I did. We had a brief heat wave where it got into the 70s and I played the F18. What a great two day stretch (I actually had four approach shots and 2 bunker shots spin back - something I hadn’t done in a few years). The weather is back to a Carolina winter (damp, gray and cool) and I am happy playing the F35. While I haven’t spun any shots back, my distance is consistent and the Control in it’s name is spot on.

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