F18 Tour Sample Pack

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Introducing the all-new F18 Tour.

The world's newest, and most complete Tour Ball.

Optimized for medium-high/high swing speeds. 

Improve your distance, accuracy, ball speed, and greenside spin with the F18 Tour. 

With the F18 Tour, you can be assured your ball will perform to its maximum legal capability while giving you the most control around the greens than ever before. 

Don't overpay for false hype, pay for performance you can only find at Quantix Golf. 

Our 3pc. Premium Urethane Tour Ball brings you everything you have wanted and needed in the most complete Tour Ball. 

 Compression: 95-100 Range

Conforms to USGA and R&A standards and are legal for tournament play.

Player Benefits

  • Low Driver Spin
  • Soft Feel 
  • Tour Level Flight Trajectory 
  • High Green Side Spin 
  • Tour Level Distance
  • Maximized Control From Tee to Green