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Find which ball is best suited for your game with our Smart IQ Online Ball Fitting.



Golf Ball Fitting— How does this help me? 

Most golfers have heard time and again the necessity of getting personally fit for golf clubs since every swing is different. But did you know getting fit for a golf ball is equally important?

Think of it this way, if you were driving through snow and had the option to use snow tires but instead chose to use all season tires, even though both tires would technically perform the basic task of getting through the snow, the snow tires would clearly perform better. This goes hand in hand with the choices you make with the golf balls you play. If you need distance off the tee, but also spin around the green, why would you choose a ball that only can perform one function? 

Golf is a game where every shot counts and your golf ball is the only piece of equipment you use every shot. So why settle?


Our Ball Fitting Principles. 


On The green:

Feel, Sound, Pop, etc.. These are all words you may hear associated with how a ball feels off the putter face. But how does this help you? When determining if a ball is right for you, we believe it is important to be confident and comfortable with feedback you get when putting. Many golf balls will have a soft sometimes “Marshmallow” feel but while that may feel nice, it doesn’t mean its best for you. A tour ball with a cast urethane cover provides a quieter and typically soft feel off of the putter face giving you the optimal feedback every time. Remember, every hole (typically) ends with you putting, so it is important to choose one which feels and sounds right! 


Around The Green (30 Yards In): 


This is where most amateur players spend their time every round which is why it is so important to have the correct ball to get that up-and-down. Ask yourself this—Do you want your ball to land and stop, or maybe roll out a few feet and stop? This determines a large part of what ball is best suited to your game. 


Money Zone (100 Yards In):


Inside 100 yards is where the majority of players tend to be the most accurate know as the “Money Zone” or “Scoring Zone”. This is where you set yourself up for an easy putt. Performance in this zone is where many golf balls begin to differentiate themselves. Typically, you will want the ball to stop quickly or for more advanced players zip back a bit. The best way to gage how a ball is performing in this area for you is to check how far away your pitch mark is to the balls final resting position. For amateurs, you can expect to see the pitch mark very close to the ball, while more advanced players can expect to see pitch mark in front of the ball (due to higher wedge backspin)


Approach Shots (150-170 Yards):

With your iron play, the most important step in ball fitting this area is trajectory and how the ball can fly through a headwind. No one likes to see a ball “balloon” up due to poor golf ball aerodynamics. We always recommend testing a ball into the wind. For example, both our F18 Tour and F35 Control Ball were both specifically engineered to cut through strong headwinds! 


Off The Tee:

Last but not least, off the tee. Everyone loves being long off the tee, but there are so many different areas that a ball MUST also perform in. We advise playing the F18 Tour for maximum performance from tee to green. Of course, we always recommend a proper driver and shaft fitting first!



We have engineered two top of the line golf balls that not only perform off the tee, but also perform in every scenario you can put them in. From iron play, to approach shots, and short chips around the green, you can be confident you are playing a ball that performs to the highest standards in every category of play.